Are Dental Crowns Right For Me?

Are Dental Crowns Right For Me? As with all health problems, be they dental or medical, early detection is important to ensure the best possible chance of successful treatment. However, for many reasons, ranging from dread of going to the dentist, lack of finances, to embarrassment over the state of their teeth, many patients put off going to their dentist in Clacton.

#As a result, we often find that by the time the patient does eventually pluck up the courage to come for treatment, the problem has progressed to a point where it needs extensive treatment. A prime example is in the case of a tooth with a cavity that could have been fixed with just a simple filling, but because it was ignored, the tooth became so badly damaged that it couldn’t be repaired with a dental filling. Fortunately, even teeth which are badly decayed or damaged can be restored with cosmetic dentistry in Clacton. Often patients such as these make good candidates for dental crowns.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is typically made from porcelain and is used to cover all of the visible tooth structure which sits above the gum. By doing this it replaces any tooth enamel that has been lost to decay or damage while strengthening the tooth structure to prevent it from further damage.

Candidates for dental crowns

As a dentist in Clacton we always aim to preserve as much of the patient’s natural tooth enamel as possible which is why we opt for conservative treatments such as dental fillings or onlays first. However, if the tooth structure has been so badly damaged that a filling simply isn’t an option, then a dental crown is the next best possible choice.

A dental crown allows us to restore the aesthetics and functionality of the tooth without the need for extraction. Typically, patients who have lost the function of a tooth, who find their teeth are more sensitive to hold and cold, who have suffered a mouth injury, who have experienced cosmetic damage due to extensive tooth decay, or whose teeth are looking a little worse for wear, are natural candidates for dental crowns. However, we also use crowns in other instances, and those candidates include

  • Patients who need a badly damaged tooth restoring
  • Patients who have lost a tooth (a crown may be attached to a dental implant to replace a missing tooth)
  • Patients who have undergone root therapy treatment (often a crown is placed after root canal treatment to offer additional protection to the treated tooth against future infection)

If you’re suffering with a decayed or damaged tooth then we can help. The earlier your tooth is treated the less complex and expensive your treatment will be, so don’t delay. Make an appointment today with Together Dental Clacton.

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