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Anthony shares his dental implant story

Anthony shares his dental implant story

Anthony had been suffering from gum disease for many years. After a visit to expert dental implant surgeon Dr Adeel Ali at our Watton practice, he decided dental implants were the best option for him and his future. We spoke to Anthony about his experience.

Read how dental implants have changed his life for the better.

‘So I would say, if you can do it, I would recommend Dr Ali.’

What prompted you to have dental implants?

I have always been a fairly regular dental attendee so I was aware that I had gum disease for a number of years. I had tried various treatment to try and cope with it, such as deep cleaning. After some tooth loss I tried a bridge and denture plate, but after a short period of trying to cope with both and because the gum disease was progressive, I decided that the best option would be to get rid of my teeth. After a consultation with Dr Adeel Ali, dental implants were suggested as the best option for me.

What treatment did you have?

I had an upper and lower arch of dental implants. I had my remaining teeth extracted and temporary teeth to start and then had the final teeth fitted in August 2019. The treatment itself took around 6 months.

How have you adjusted to your new smile?

There was a period of adjustment with regards to getting us to eating, talking and smiling and sometimes I forget that these aren’t my own teeth! I have really positive comments about how I look now and how natural they are. I was quite insistent that the teeth should be a shade that was natural looking and that’s been achieved. I smile a lot more and it has given me more confidence. Before I was self-conscious and would adapt my smile because of my teeth.

How was the discomfort?

It was quite a big procedure so I expected some discomfort and accordingly I took time off and managed it with pain killers. It affected my speech for about a week, but  then it quickly improved over the next week.

How did you feel about the financial aspect?

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a substantial amount of money. But I know that I’ve only had to pay for this once in my life and the end result is so much better than the discomfort and on-going problem I had with eating and how my teeth were before with the progressive gum disease. So I would say, if you can do it, then I would recommend it and Dr Ali.

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About Dr Adeel Ali

Dr. Ali is considered one of the most experienced practitioners of Osstem dental implants in Europe. He is a trainer, mentor and dental implant lead at Together Dental working across practices. Dr Ali graduated from the prestigious Guy’s King and St Thomas’ Dental School College in London before going on to obtain his Diploma of Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties of England (MJDF RCS) of the Royal College of Surgeons. Dr Ali has trained under some of the most prominent and esteemed professors in dentistry which has now led him to become a leader in the specialist field of implant dentistry.


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