Andy Murray’s Dental Transformation

Andy Murray’s Dental Transformation

Are you ready to find out more about Andy Murray’s Dental Transformation? We are delighted to see our very own Andy Murray back on court at both Wimbledon and the Olympics. He is an inspiration to us all over coming pain and adversity to compete at such a high level.

But let us look a little closer – at his teeth – and take some inspiration from those too! Andy has had a makeover which is truly natural but completely transformative. In the olden days Andy sported some visually obvious gaps in the top row of his teeth, with some discolouration and over crowding.

A couple of years ago he underwent a cosmetic dentistry treatment to realign, straighten and whiten his teeth. The results are amazing, and it’s clear that there is a dramatic transformation. But what exactly did he have done, our very own Amy Lei-plant, from Together Dental, Colchester Country Park speculates on the kinds of treatments that could produce this transformation.

Amy says; “First off Andy looks like he’s had clear aligners to straighten his top and bottom teeth – likely Invisalign or another cosmetic aligner system. He’s had a good teeth whitening treatment. We use Boutique Whitening at Together Dental, but there are many good whitening treatments to choose from – the key is to make sure you use whitening under the guidance of your dentist because you have to choose the treatment that is right for you.

She continues, “He’s also had either composite bonding or porcelain veneers on his upper lateral incisors (the teeth on either side of his two middle ones).  He has what dentists call ‘diminished lateral incisors’ meaning the sizes of them are smaller than usual.  This can make his canine or ‘fang’ teeth appear pointier, giving him an uneven smile and creating gaps between adjacent teeth.

Now he’s had them built up, it’s given him a more even smile line. Lastly, he may also have had composite bonding or porcelain veneers on his 2 top central incisors (2 middle front teeth) but its not easy to tell. However, the overall result is a great looking smile.”

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