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Am I Able To Have A Dental Implant?

In recent years the use of dental implants in Southend and elsewhere in the country has become more widespread. Most people associate them with being a replacement for a missing tooth but they can also be used to restore a large span of missing teeth in conjunction with a dental bridge, or be used to stabilise dentures.

dental implants in SouthendDental implants are made from titanium and inserted into the jaw during a period of oral surgery. A period of healing is then required in order for the titanium post to bond with the surrounding bone to make a stable platform on which to place a crown, bridgework, or dentures.

If you’re considering a dental implant then most dental clinics offer a free consultation whereby the process is explained in detail, you get to meet the dental team, your questions and concerns are answered, and you’re also able to find out if you are indeed a suitable candidate for dental implants.

Who makes a suitable candidate for dental implants?

In essence anyone who has lost one or more teeth and wants to restore their smile and improve their chewing ability would be suited to dental implants. However, because they need to be fitted into a fully developed jaw, they’re not usually available for teenagers under the age of 18.

Although you may be a suitable candidate on paper, you do need to meet certain criteria in order to be considered for a dental implant in Southend. For example, your mouth must be healthy with no visible signs of tooth decay and completely free from active gum disease. Implants are vulnerable to infection and if they were to be placed into a mouth where gum disease was present, then there’s a high risk of an infection developing around the implant site and causing the implant to fail. Your dentist in Southampton has to be sure that you’ve got a good level of oral hygiene and that you’re committed to maintaining it, since plaque control is vital if your implant is to last for many years ahead. Once treatment has been completed then you also need to be prepared to attend regular check-ups with your dental clinic so that your dentist or periodontist can examine your implant/s and if there are any signs of complications treat them at this early stage.

When an implant may be impossible

Implants aren’t for everyone and dental implant treatment may not be possible if there is insufficient deep healthy bone in which to place the implant and if a bone graft can’t be carried out. In addition, implants aren’t a suitable treatment for patients with uncontrolled diabetes or untreated gum disease, since there is a high risk of poor healing or infection. Certain medical conditions also rule out dental implant treatment including severe systemic diseases, deficiencies in the immune system, blood clotting disorders, and drug abuse. Smokers, too, will be asked to quit smoking at least for several months before, during, and after their treatment if their implants are to stand the best chance of success.

If you’d like to know more about dental implants in Southend, then why not take advantage of our free no-obligation consultation. Call Southend Dental Care today on 01702 465000 or contact us via our website at We look forward to meeting you.

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