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Affordable NHS Dentistry Right Here in Downham Market

Downham Market Dental Care is proud to be able to offer its patients both NHS dentistry and a massive range of private dentistry treatments. If you are currently looking for a new NHS dentist in Downham Market then we are here to help you. Under the NHS, you can get all the treatments you need to help regain and maintain your oral health. Treatments offered under the NHS are segmented into three different bands, each of which is very affordably priced.

Explaining a Bit More about NHS Dentistry

NHS dentist in Downham MarketThe first band or Band 1 is the cheapest and covers your dental examination and diagnosis, including any x-rays you might need. You can also get advice from our dentist in Downham Market on how to prevent future oral health problems and you will receive a scale and polish if required. The treatment covered includes an application of fluoride varnish to help harden your teeth and protect them against tooth decay and it also includes fissure sealants. These consist of a very thin layer of plastic material, a little like tooth coloured filling material that is simply applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth, completely sealing them and preventing tooth decay. It is an excellent treatment but can only be carried out on healthy teeth that do not have any decay or any fillings.

The second band of treatment or Band 2 will cost you a little bit more but covers everything in Band 1 as well as restorative treatments which include root canal therapy for treating badly infected teeth and fillings to restore teeth. Root canal therapy or treatment is extremely useful if you have a deep cavity in your tooth that may have reached the central part of the tooth called the pulp. If this happens then you will probably be well aware of it because an infected tooth is usually pretty painful. By removing the pulp during root canal therapy, our dentist in Downham Market can save your tooth so it can be restored with either a filling or a crown. This particular band of treatment also covers tooth removal in the event that we cannot save a tooth.

The third band of treatment covers everything in the previous two bands plus crowns and bridges and dentures. This treatment band is extremely useful if you happen to suffer tooth loss or need a new crown to cover up a tooth that is very badly damaged or which perhaps has had root canal therapy.

Mix and Match Your Treatments

Even if you are registered with our NHS dentist, you can still choose to have private treatment. You may wish to do this if you fancy having some cosmetic dentistry in Downham Market and we have a great range of procedures to choose from. You might also wish to go private on occasion if you want more sophisticated treatments such as dental implants in Downham Market. The choice is entirely yours and of course we can discuss all possible options with you if you do need treatment.

Registering with our NHS dentist in Downham Market is simple. You will find a medical history form to download on our website so you can bring it with you to your first appointment or of course you can fill it in when you get here. Call us today on 01366 382265.

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