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Affordable NHS Dentistry in South Benfleet

Everyone should have access to affordable dental care which is why South Benfleet Dental Care is currently accepting new NHS patients. NHS dentistry in South Benfleet offers patients the chance to access regular dental care and covers all the essential treatments required to keep teeth healthy and strong. This includes regular check-ups and cleanings where required, dental x-rays and fillings and root canal treatments, and if it’s impossible to save a tooth then it can be extracted under NHS dental care.

Why Is Regular Dental Care so Important?

emergency dentist in South BenfleetAny dentist in South Benfleet will tell you that regular dental care is the best way to help teeth last for as long as possible. Having a good preventative dental care regime can help prevent numerous dental problems and may alleviate the need to find an emergency dentist in South Benfleet. This is because good regular dental care greatly reduces the risk gum disease and tooth decay, and both of these problems can cause tooth loss and a great deal of pain. In comparison, it’s very simple to get a check-up every six months which will quickly detect any small problems that may have developed since your last dental visit.

For example, you might have the very first signs of gum disease which can include bleeding whenever you brush or floss. This sign is very easy to ignore or you might simply assume you’ve brushed your teeth too hard. When caught at this early stage, gum disease is often very easy to cure completely but it’s a very different story if it progresses as gum disease can often become chronic and will require on-going treatment to try to save your teeth, gums and jawbone. In addition, advanced gum disease can affect your general health, increasing your risk of developing health problems.

Regular dental check-ups will also detect any small signs of tooth decay and at this stage it might be possible to re-harden the tooth enamel with fluoride treatments or else the cavity can be easily filled. If you leave it until the cavity causes toothache then it’s much more likely that you’ll need root canal treatment. While this can all be provided by an NHS dentist in South Benfleet, there is a chance that the tooth could be so badly infected that it will need to be extracted in order to clear up the infection.

Get Peace of Mind with Regular Dental Care

Regular dental visits can also help provide you with peace of mind as you’ll know there can’t be anything to drastically wrong with your teeth, assuming of course you brush and floss thoroughly every day. You’ll know your teeth always look their best and you’re far more likely to benefit from fresh breath. Regular dental care is also a great way to help reduce dental anxieties and phobias as you’ll soon get used to visiting the dentist in South Benfleet at regular intervals and it’s far less likely you’ll need any extensive treatment. Instead anything that does need doing can be carried out quickly and noninvasively.

If you’d like to sign up with an NHS dentist in South Benfleet, please phone us on 01268 793485 to book your first appointment.

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