Adult Teeth Straightening In Southend – What Are Your Options?

It’s pretty miserable hiding your smile behind your hand because you’re ashamed of your crooked teeth and the appearance of your smile. After all a smile goes a long way to connecting with other people and showing that you’re a happy person. But when you’re an adult and you don’t want to be seen wearing a metal brace what are your options when it comes to straightening your teeth?

An orthodontist in Southend is the dental professional that you need to visit to discuss your options. He or she is specially trained in orthodontics, which is all about straightening and correcting crooked teeth and bad bites in children and adults. Typically you’ll be required to wear braces. In Southend, most dentists offer a wide range of braces and aligners and you’ll be recommended the type that best suits your dental needs, budget and lifestyle.

Braces have come on in leaps and bounds over recent years and even a conventional brace can now be supplied with tooth coloured wires and small brackets so that it isn’t quite so visible to others. Other types of braces are those that sit behind the teeth so that they are totally invisible and transparent aligners which are worn over all the teeth a bit like a mouth guard, and again are practically invisible. Modern braces also offer treatments which are considerably faster than with conventional braces and some can take six months or even less to complete.

Naturally, most adults see aesthetics as the main benefit of seeking treatment for their crooked teeth in Southend, but as your orthodontist will tell you, straight teeth offer many more benefits, such as:

  • Help prevent tooth decay since there are less awkward spaces for plaque to build up and teeth can be properly brushed and flossed
  • Can prevent TMJ if braces are being used to correct a bite problem, since an incorrect bite or misalignment can cause stress to the jaw joints
  • Teeth aligned by braces also have a better pattern of alignment which prevents teeth from wearing
  • It’s easier to eat a variety of foods with straight teeth and a correct bite and improved functionality leads to better chewing and better digestion
  • Renewed confidence and an attractive smile
  • Teeth are healthy and should remain so because it’s now possible to care for them properly

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth then why not get in touch with Together Dental Southend by calling us today on 0333 032 9339.

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