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5 Tips For Preventing Tooth Decay While Wearing Braces

It’s great to know that your braces are hard at work straightening your teeth as you go about your daily business but it’s also a little disconcerting to know that at the same time they’re also making it more difficult for you to clean your teeth. If you’ve got crooked teeth in Basildon and are considering braces, then it’s important to understand that you will need to put extra effort into preventing tooth decay while undergoing treatment, after all you want to see a beautiful straight white smile, not one that is stained or decayed. We’ve put together 5 top tips to ensure you have the smile of your dreams once your braces are removed.

Use an interdental toothbrush

wearing bracesWhen you’re wearing braces cleaning your teeth with just your regular toothbrush is never totally effective. Instead we recommend that you also use an interdental toothbrush which will allow you to clean behind the braces. This sort of brush has bristles shaped a little like a Christmas tree which can remove food particles left in between your braces and on your teeth.

Brush regularly

Braces make it harder for food to escape from your teeth naturally once you’ve finished eating. This is the reason why it’s important after every meal that you brush and floss your teeth. The less time that food is lingering on your teeth, then the less risk there is of tooth decay and the less time spent visiting your dentist in Basildon for fillings and restorative treatments..

Use mouth wash

Even after you’ve brushed and flossed there may still be some food particles trapped in your braces. The best way to get rid of every trace of food after meals is to use a fluoride mouthwash. If you don’t happen to have any mouthwash available then rinse with a glass of cold water.

Give up sweets

Prevention is definitely better than cure especially when it comes to tooth decay. If you can avoid sweets and other sugar laden food from the outset, then you’ll spend less time having your problems treated in the future.

Regular dental check ups

When you’re undergoing teeth straightening in Basildon then it’s even more important to keep all of your dental appointments so that we can make any necessary adjustments and monitor your progress. We also recommend that you have a thorough cleaning with the hygienist when wearing braces, every 3 to 6 months

If you’ve got any questions or concerns about oral care when wearing braces then please don’t hesitate to contact Felmores Dental Clinic for advice. We’re here to make sure your teeth are beautifully straight and healthy. You can call us on 01268 726789 or contact us online at

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