4 Things You Should Know Before Whitening Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry in Clacton covers a wide range of treatments including teeth whitening. Now most of us know the appeal of a dazzling white smile and the confidence it can give us. However, it’s not quite as simple as getting a perfect smile, and before you go rushing into anything, you need to consider a few facts.

How tooth whitening works

Teeth whitening in Clacton should only be carried out by a professional dentist and you’d do well to steer clear of beauticians offering this treatment, since they’re unlikely to have the same amount of training as your dentist and may even be breaking the law. Most teeth whitening treatments use hydrogen peroxide to lighten the teeth and when it’s applied in a form of gel, it’s then activated by shining a LED light, although that isn’t necessary with home whitening kits that your dentist can also supply.

Is teeth whitening safe?

If you’re considering teeth whitening in Clacton then there are a couple of things you should know. Due to health and safety regulations, whitening toothpastes contain only a small amount of peroxide so you’re unlikely to see much difference. While shop bought home whitening kits may be more effective, the bleach trays are a ‘one size fits all’ product and there’s a danger of the bleach leaking out into the mouth and burning your gums. Professional whitening treatments from the dentist use a custom made tray to ensure that this doesn’t happen and they can also use modern whitening treatments which contain lower levels of peroxide but are still highly effective.

Visiting your dentist prior to teeth whitening

Before whitening your teeth, you should always pay your dentist in Clacton a visit. He or she can assess whether or not you are in fact a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. For instance, any stains on your teeth should be removed prior to teeth whitening and you should have a healthy mouth.

Tooth whitening isn’t for everyone

Even though tooth whitening systems are considered safe, they aren’t for everyone. People who should avoid whitening their teeth include adolescents with baby teeth, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding, and people with sensitive teeth or gum disease. It’s important to know that teeth whitening will only whiten your natural teeth and won’t lighten fillings or crowns, although one option is to invest in white fillings to match what will be your new dazzling smile.

If you’re considering teeth whitening then get in touch with Clacton Dental Care to find out more about the method of Zoom tooth whitening that we use. We’re flexible with appointments and happy to be considered an evening and weekend dentist for those with hectic schedules. Call us today on 01255 221001.

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