Tips On How To Avoid Tooth Loss

We’re experiencing a rise in the number of patients enquiring about dental implants and while they’re the best method of tooth replacement currently available in the dental industry, as a dentist in London our ethos is heavily focused on helping patients to maintain their natural teeth for as long as possible. However, we can’t do this on our own and it’s time that patients took more responsibility for their teeth. We’ve put together a few tips on how to keep your mouth healthy and avoid tooth loss, and believe us, it isn’t difficult.

Protection from gum disease

Gum disease is one of the main causes for tooth loss and it typically caused by an excessive build up of plaque. However, there are external sources which can also lower the body’s defence mechanism and encourage the growth of plaque. These include

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Poor diet

You can avoid gum disease by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day. It’s also recommended to have a professional clean twice a year from your dentist in London. Eating a healthier diet and cutting out smoking can also protect you against gum disease.

Protect your teeth from trauma

Sports and exercise are all beneficial to our health but contact sports can cause damage and loss to healthy teeth at any age, if you aren’t prepared. As a precaution we strongly recommend that you wear a gum shield to protect your teeth from damage. You also need to be aware that chewing hard objects such as ice cubes, pen lids, or boiled sweets can chip or break your teeth.

Visit your dentist on a regular basis

It’s all too easy to think that if you’re not suffering with a toothache, then why bother visiting your dentist. A six month check-up however is as important as getting an MOT done on your car. It gives your dentist a chance to check out the condition of your teeth and mouth, noting any change from the last time he examined you, and he has the experience to spot early signs of problems such as decay and cavities, or worn teeth. Remember any problem spotted in its early stages has a better chance of successful treatment and a full recovery.

As well as the above tips, be aware of your diet and remember what you put in your mouth reflects on your health. Try to cut down on sugary food and drinks and the amounts of snacks that you eat. If you can’t brush your teeth after every meal then chew sugar free chewing gum for 10 minutes or rinse your mouth with water to wash away sticky food particles and bacteria on your teeth.

It’s never too late to start getting into good dental habits. If you haven’t visited a dentist in a while then make it a priority to do so. We’re a private and NHS dentist who practices general and preventative dentistry, as well as restorative and cosmetic dentistry so we’ve got every angle of dental care covered for the whole family. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

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